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it’s too cold outsidefor angels to fly

it’s too cold outside
for angels to fly

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Scenario: EXO finding out you're pregnant (requested by anonymous)

Kris:...but you just bought tampons
Kai:wait broke...weak ass trojans
Sehun:girl you better check that test again, I'm too fab fo children
Suho:I hope they're not ugly...
Chanyeol:so what you're saying is I get to come with you to see that black and white alien baby thing
Chen:so what's gonna happen to your boobs? forgot you're pill huh?
Luhan:so that's why you've been getting fat, now I understand
D.O:so a person is growing inside of
Xiumin:does that mean they're going to pop out with that weird utuerus cheese?
Baekhyun:Be prepared for triplets, cause my dick is magical
Tao:...We can do pregnancy yoga on the beach. This will be fun
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Am I the only one who measures time using songs? “Oh it only took me 4 songs to get here! that’s not to long!

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whenever I’m becoming friends with someone new I like to play this game called “how long can I make this person think I’m normal” before I break out the weird

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GIVEAWAY: TVXQ’s Rising Sun! Autographed by all 5!

Hello, this is Pepper, and I present you to my first Tumblr giveaway ever! Just remember to read the rules, and this CD could be all yours.


  • Reblogs count. You can only reblog up to three times per day. I don’t want you to annoy your followers.
  • Likes count.
  • Follows count and they make me the happiest.
  • I will randomly pick the winner on APRIL 10.
  • Your ask box must be open when I pick the winner. How else am I going to contact you? You also have two days after being contacted to reply back before I pick another winner.
  • Obviously, I am going to need your address to mail this. So I hope you are comfortable sharing that with me.
  • I can ship worldwide.
  • I will provide a tracking number.

Anyway, I’ll be doing more giveaways in the future, so keep an eye open.
Happy blogging and good luck!~

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And, Can you smile?
And, Can you smile?

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What if when you die, you wake up as an alien and your alien friend comes up to you and says “dude you’ve been tripping balls for like 5 minutes” 

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chere mamie | do not edit
chere mamie | do not edit

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